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If you wear glasses, these tips are for you. Many of these tips will work with sunglasses.

Microfiber is best suited for dry cleaning of glasses lenses. This material doesn’t scratch the surface of the lens and doesn't accumulate dirt. Don’t wipe the lenses with your sweater sleeve or a handkerchief: micro scratches will appear on the lenses, which will give additional strain on the eyes. You can glue a piece of microfiber napkin to the inside of a T-shirt at the bottom or at the bottom of the tie.

A big problem for everyone who wears glasses is lens fogging. In order for your glasses not to fog up when moving from a cold to a warm home, rub the lenses with liquid or solid soap. Don’t use products with alcohol, bleach, vinegar or ammonia, because they can damage your glasses coating.

If the glasses' screws have gone out and are lost, the dental floss will help you for some time. String thread into the grooves of broken glasses instead of a screw and tie them to a knot. You can also use a regular toothpick. Sell it and break an extra piece of.

If you have lost or forgotten glasses, you can see small objects in front of you using your phone or tablet. For example, you can find your glasses :) There is also one trick that does not require anything other than your own hand. To do this, you need to roll your fingers into the tube, leaving a small hole and look through the hole. This method works no matter how bad your eyesight is.

Are the lenses of the glasses scratched? You need a toothpaste without abrasive particles. Squeeze a drop of paste onto the lens and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Make circular motions. How to find your glasses in the dark room? You need to glue the reflective strip to the glasses case or to the glasses.

If the glasses are constantly slipping, you can use these tricks. Take two rubber bands and wrap the glasses for them in the area behind the ears. The frame will sit tighter, and the gum will not be visible behind the ears and hair. You can also place the arms of the glasses in hot water to soften them a little, and bend them.
I will also show you how to choose glasses for your face shape.


1:31 Broken glasses?
3:14 Scratch on the glasses
4:18 Organizer for glasses
6:02 Case for glasses DIY

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