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8 Instant Ways to Look More Attractive

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Here are my 8 instant ways to look more attractive! While some of these tips and tricks are more on the superficial side, I also wanted to include some tips that focus on how you carry yourself.

0:36 - Put On Lipstick
2:39 - Tame Your Hair
4:02 - Wear A Scent
5:10 - Maintain Your Nails
6:10 - Have Positive Energy
7:10 - Put Down Your Phone
8:01 - Have Quiet Confidence
9:24 - Have Good Posture
10:04 - Practice Altruism

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- Find a lipstick colour that works well for you, and always have it with you for when you want to elevate your look — it's also a great way to take your makeup from day to night
- Use a natural lipstick colour as a base, and then add a brighter colour to the middle of the lips for a pouty, fuller lip look
- If your hair is dirty, pull it out of your face and put it up in a bun — a sleek bun always makes you look polished and more put together
- Find a signature scent that you feel represents who you are, and stick to it — perfume oils are a great option, and you can apply to your wrists and behind your ears
- Chipped nail polish is not a good look — even if you avoid colours and choose a nude colour or stick to a clear top coat, that will make you look more polished and presentable
- Being positive is a very attractive quality — swap negative energy for a pleasant smile and approachable body language
- Don't gossip about other people — focus on your own life, and avoid judging what others are doing with their lives
- Put down your phone — it is much more attractive to be approachable and open to conversation
- Have quiet confidence — don't feel like you need to be the loudest in the room and constantly express your opinions, just know when not to speak
- Keep your back straight and hold your head high
- There is nothing more attractive then caring for others and being selfless — be generous and kind

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