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Cyberion MasterTech local phone repair assessments. Near 21405, Annapolis, MD.

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iPhone 6s Plus battery replacement assessment

We are assessing the battery replacement for an iPhone 6s plus; the rear camera does not appear to be cracked. The incoming charge current is 1.60 Amps. The battery level is about 1 % right now. We are going to go to the power button and it does appear to be functioning properly.
The charge port itself is a little loose and does not appear to be fitting snuggly. So we will advise the customer to service the charge port as well. In order for it to fit more snuggly. An example of a phone that has a snug fit over here is this newer charge port over here. As we can see even by shaking the device it does not fall of. Therefore it’s a very secure charge port. If we do the same on this charge port we cant even lift if off without the device falling off. As a result it shows that it does not have a very secure charge port. Most likely it has obstructions inside of it.
Now continuing on with the assessment we see that the home button does work and the touch ID is responsive and responding across a random 3-point test. The volume up and down button does appear to have positive tactile feedback. The volume toggle does appear to be functioning as well. We will go ahead and test the camera as well. Here is the rear camera and here is the front camera both are functional. To get to the inside of the phone we will be removing the bottom screws and lifting up the front panel. Another thing that we should mention is that the headset jack itself does appear to be round. The little microphone over here does have quite a bit of debri. Most likely it is blocking the sound quality. However we wont be testing it or changing it at this moment. The reception is currently receiving four bars of reception. This is an AT&T with 4G, typically we get LTE on here but in this instance our visitor might be travelling from another state of country. We are going to pause the video and remove the bottom two screws to life the front panel and replace the battery.

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