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DOB Circuit का इस्तेमाल Led Bulb या Panel Light Repair करने में कैसे करें

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Hi guys hope you have enjoyed this Project feel free for any suggestions for future Project and ** "Remember To Stay Safe"**.
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????Use fuse Resistor 1/2 or 1 watt for 7 watt or 9 watt DOB Circuit And.... 471KD07 MOV is suitable for 220V AC line protection in a typical electronic devices against voltage surges and spikes, such as those generated by inductive switching transients.
Many users ask us that MOV says marking as 470V so how is it suitable for 220V application.
Explanation ????????????
The AC mains you get said 220V RMS. So peak voltage is 308V = 220V x 1.4 (VPeak = VRMS × √2)
This MOV 7D471K is having 300V AC RMS rating. So its suitable for 220V AC mains applications.
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