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He Cheated On Me!

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Today's question comes from our audience and is about cheating in a relationship.
"Kati, can you make a video on staying with someone after they have cheated on you? I am in this situation right now I never thought he would but we were both under a lot of stress and it was a really hard time so I took some space and decided that he made an awful mistake but I know that he loves me and is a good person. I feel like what is going to ruin my relationship now is my constant anxiety that he is going to do it again and my constant need to want to check his phone and basically stalk him. I try really hard to not give in on these impulses but sometimes I do and it feels so wrong after the fact because I want him to have privacy and I want to trust him. Do you have any tips or activities we can both use individually and together that may help us. I desperately want to save my relationship and I am willing to put in the work and so is he but I think we both feel a little lost on how to do that and what is normal reaction and emotions and what is over the top."

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