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How To Repair Damaged Mobile Battery 2 Awesome ideas Double Your Phone Battery Life 1

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micromax battery same process ? my battery is going slim shape to oval shape . so what can i do ? now ....... if i show u my battery pic so u'll understand my battery conditionhello bhai sahab namaste aapne Dekha Jo battery on nahi hota hai on karke dikhaya bilkul sahi hai aap Yeh batao this mobile mah battery come back up data hai kya kiya Jayega Mera bhi mobile mein battery bahut jaldi khatam ho jata hai Uska Kya Hoga please BatayeSoldering tip pre solder wire tip before adding to project for quick connection and exposure to iron. makes more secure connection as well
For your economy, do not touch to that aluminum (when you remove paper) because it decreases the battery power. Because you have static electricity and it is too much for chemical electricityActually, HEATING the battery does charge it. The heat energy will active the Lithium ions inside the battery so it gets energetic a little bit. If your phone dies a few minutes ago, you can try this and it may work!
This is fake all he did is just turn off his phone before starting the vid then he did his little thing and at the end when he was finished he just turned on his phone it was already chargedhlw sir mere pass samsung j7 old model hai aur wo bs palang se niche gira aur mobile ka battrey se on hi nhi ho rha hai aur dusra battrey se on ho rha hai wo battrey kaise thik kre battrey girne se phle bht hi aacha aur badiya backup de rha tha plz help si have a question. my mobile battery did not charge when i plug it in socket there is a sign of charging on battery icon and also charging light turn on but battery percentage stay still .and now question is that. is it a mobile issue or a issue with the battery?
waiting for replay thanks a lot in advanHello, I have a question, it would be nice if you can answer me. I have galaxy s4 mini lte, and my phone doesnt show battery percentage corectly. Battery get drained on 1%, when I put phone to charge for about 10 minutes, I disconect a charger and after phone restart battery show above 30%. What it could be, phone or battery problem? Of course battery can be 100% charged, but I think that about 30% of battery not good
Hi mines always at 2% and then the phone stops reciveing any power from the charger tired with every charger but the phones always 2% it would be nice if you reply mine is a gionne p5w and the battery is 2000mah and the maximum volt forvthe battery is 4.35v but i use a Samsung charger which is 5volts and 2 amp thanks please reply :) writing from my mBattery drained and I tried to take the battery out to try the "jump start" but was unsuccessful. But, what worked was getting it charged a bit on a wireless charger. Now it is fine on the wired charger. Whoohoothis works but after the battery gets low or drain, which happens really fast, my acer liquid x1 wont detect it and i have to jump start it over again. i guess i have to buy a new battery have a Samsung Galaxy Trend Neo, phone has been broken so I use that app "Vysor" via my usb cable to display the screen on my computer (cause I can't see anything but the phone still works). The battery stopped charging, but I took off the bottom plastic because it was blocking the connectors. Well it worked but I forgot to turn it off one time and now I'm back to square one. I think I need a jumpstar... Will this work or blow up in my face because I took off the bottom plastic 's kind of ridiculous that a company of such status would subject its customers to have to send in their mobile device for servicing the phone's battery.. And using adhesives to hold a thousand dollar electronic device together is so cheap.. I would expect something like that from a cheap company trying to save a buck. A device of Might as well cop u a cheap Trap phone with removable battery or cop u a note 4 if removing battery is important to you Anybody knows what is that big component between the battery and the charging port? Is it the haptic feedback or pressure sensor (force touch / 3d touch) component really really hate this trend of non-removable batteries. If they actually used a larger battery it would have made it more justifiable, but we all know they won't do that after last year's debacle This video will be handy in the future when people want to do color swaps. In a couple of months all the color backs will be available and someone that wanted deep blue in the beginning but couldn't get it in the US will be taking the back off to do the swap. I just wouldn't trust that it is still fully water resistant. Once that seal is broken it will nev otplate! What a great idea and a wonderful video, very clear! My only criticism is you used a metal tool to remove the fingerprint sensor cable. That's risky if you slip. I would definitely use a plastic tool on everything inside the phone, unless yI developed a gre thanks to your video. Thank you

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