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How to start a Phone Flipping Business | Fix and Resell

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How do you start buying messed up phones with cracked screens and fix them and resell them for a profit? In this video, I break down the Start-Up cost to start, Expenses and also the Profits.

How to start a phone Flipping Business | Fix and Resell

Tip: I left so much money on the table because I didn't know how to fix phones.
Example: A brand New
Used Iphone 8 plus : $440 no tax (cash)
Cracked Screen: $300- 350 ( cash )
Repair: $15
Profit: $135

Moral: You don’t need to be Bill gates to fix phones
Just how you found this video: You can find tutorials and youtube and learn for free
Or take a job and learn on the company dollar

Start-Up Cost ( how you need to start )
Create an LLC for free:
Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtJ9DWzQTkI
Cash: 100-300 bucks to start ( to buy, don’t worry, im going to break down later on where to buy from)
- Ifixit: 50 bucks ( laptops, and everything else)
Link: https://amzn.to/2JHOffe
- Budget tool: 15 bucks
Research: (time)
- Excel or Word Document: with phones you buy
- How much they sell for Market Price
- How you can Buy them for Cost
- Parts Price
Total Cost: 150 bucks to 350 bucks

Ps. No money just sell stuff around your house

Expenses ( Monthly Expenses)
Transportation: to buy and pick up phones: either gas or public transport
( Don’t go into debt, until the business can buy your car)
Messed Up phones: You might buy a bad Batch, that’s why you buy from eBay that gives you your money back ( you might get scammed, I’ll tell you how not to later on)
Your time is a Massive expense because you’ll use it to fix stuff ( but again per hour its like 70 bucks)
Eventually: Employees and affiliates to get you deals

Profit ( how much you’ll make)
From $40 bucks per Phone to $250 per phone
Example: This iPhone 7 plus 128gb sell for 325
The battery is messed up: 200-250 offer
Battery Cost: $10
Profit After eBay Fees: $62 after eBay, PayPal and shipping fee

Q. I know you have
1. What phones do I buy
A. Depends on your Budget, if you can buy a lot of 10 iphones on ebay great, if you can only afford 1 then that’s fine. You start somewhere.
2. Where do I buy them
Everywhere. Ebay, Craiglist, Offerup, Facebook, friends, stores, google places they sell
3. Where do you sell them
In those same places, sometimes buy and resell on ebay =
4. What price should I pay: Check ebay prices that have been sold for
Market Price – Fees – Desired Profit = The price you should pay
Example: Calculator
5. How do I negotiate
Read books, watch videos and practice. ( Be honest also)
6. What if I get an icloud lock phone, sell it fast on eBay and say its icloud locked
Take the L or sell it on ebay fast or Facebook
7. How to I prevent getting scammed
Check Imei, check for Icloud, Call the company make sure its paid off
8. Where do I buy the screen from
FixEZ, Ebay, DHgate, Alibaba
PS. You have a cheap screen, OEM Quality, OEM
9. What is a screen and digitizer ( It’s the actual screen when you see the screen going black and purple)
10. How to increase Price:
Buy boxes and cheap headphones for it, to make it look more new and charge a premium.

How to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/JerryRigEverything
( just search youtube)

Fixez: also come with videos to help you
Ebay: Low prices, quality depend where you from
Ghgate/Alibaba for low prices



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