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Huawei Nexus 6P Battery Repair by Expert ✅

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Huawei Nexus 6P Battery Repair DIY Repair Guide by Expert
Following the step-by-step Huawei Nexus 6P Battery Repair, parts and tools you need to fix your phone quickly, and affordable at Techyuga.com
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Huawei Nexus 6P Battery Repair DIY Repair Guide by Expert
Step 1
wide Nexus 6p battery replacement

guide warning you are performing this

repair at your own risk we claim no

responsibility for any damages that

might occur to perform this DIY repair

you will need a plastic triangle opening

tool nylon spudger fine tip curved

tweezers precision knife set SIM card

ejection tool multi-purpose heat gun

professional phillips screwdriver

playing cards power down the Huell wide

Nexus 6p smartphone eject the Nexus 6p

nano SIM card tray apply heat to the

plastic panel located at the bottom of

the Google phone insert the precision

knife underneath the plastic panel and

create enough space to fit a playing

work the playing card under the plastic

panel and remove it from the Nexus 6p

apply additional heat is needed

now turn your attention to the

tight-fitting glass panel at the top of

the Google phone apply heat and then

with the precision knife create enough

space to fit a playing card

carefully slide the playing card under

the glass panel and peel it off apply

additional heat is needed

with the fine tip curved tweezers remove

the two tamper-evident seals

remove the following six Phillips screws

use the precision knife to create space

and insert a plastic triangle opening

use the triangle opening tool to release

the clips and pop the Nexus 6p out of

its rear enclosure

remove the falling Phillips screw and

then the metal bracket disconnect and

remove the daughterboard interconnect

cable detach the battery connector from

the motherboard the Nexus 6p 3.8 2 volt

13.1 8 watt our lithium poly cell

battery is fiercely glued in use a

combination of the triangle opening tool

in the playing card to slice your the

adhesive holding it down

and remove the super-sized Nexus 6p Battery

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