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Water Damaged Mobile ko kaise Pehchane वाटर डैमेज मोबाइल का सर्विस सेन्टर वालों को कैसे पता चलता है

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(वाटर डैमेज)मोबाइल का सर्विस सेन्टर वालों को कैसे पता चल जाता है की मोबाइल वाटर डैमेज है
When your cell phone falls in the water, you don't necessarily need to start shopping for a replacement right away. If you quickly dry out the phone and its battery, the device may survive the experience. If you do not dry the battery properly, however, water can damage and corrode its sensitive components. Many cell phones have batteries that feature a moisture indicator, which is a sticker that alerts you to water damage. The sticker is normally white, and it turns pink or red when wet.
Litmus paper

Look on the back .under the battery.

Apparantly there's a piece of litmus paper on the back the phone under that battery. That will indicate if there has been water damage.

#LitmusPaper you ask?

When you take off the battery at the bottom of the phone there's a little thing on it that will turn pink if it comes into contact with water. Its white normally.

Anyone else know about this? I was talking to someone in our cellular repair department and they informed me of this. He said its the quickest way to tell if a phone has been dropped in water without cracking it open.


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